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Nov 03, 2002

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Earlier today we asked about the pin that resembled an appleor a tomato and a reader just emailed us to explain the following:

Regarding Daniel’s lapel decoration. It’s is neither an apple nor a tomato but a poppy. Every year the Royal British Legion sells these paper poppies for remembrance day 11th November (the date when the armistice was signed to end WW1). Most British citizens give a small donation (£1 or similar) as a mark of respect for any British soldier who has lost their life. People in the public eye (particularly news readers) start wearing them from mid-October. The poppy was chosen as a symbol for remembrance because after the conflict was over poppies grew on the battlefields (they seem to thrive in churned up land) and the red was reminiscent of the blood that was shed.

Thanks, Jean, for the explanation, and everyone else who explained it as well, especially Jey who sent us a link to the official site explaining the poppy symbolism. And that’s your history lesson for the day.

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