Interview with David Proud of Electronic Arts

Nov 04, 2002

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Website speaks to David Proud, one of producers of the Chamber of Secrets game. Quotage: You’ve used original, non-published elements of Joanne Rowling’s Harry Potter fiction as well as some new EA-scripted events. Why did you deviate from the existing Chamber of Secrets story?
Derek Proud: We have expanded on the story in a few areas, but all the major elements of the book are in the games. How easy was it to enlist the help of JK Rowling in the creation of the game?
Derek Proud: She was very helpful in the creation of the game, and her writing is obviously very influential on what type of game we make. Did the inclusion of the additional fiction and original story elements require more approval than usual from Warner Brothers?
Derek Proud: No, Warner Brothers approved the entire game.

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