So – I’ve been hot

Feb 01, 2002

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So – I’ve been hot on Huskeiran’s trail all morning…and were it not for a listing of the Scottish isles and all the mail our readers have been sending us, I would be convinced it does not exist. But it does exist, if not on any online maps (hm, unplottable, perhaps? :P) Anyway, the obvious answer is that this will be Azkaban, since our readers tell us it’s a bleak area at any time of the year. The problem is where – in CoS it could only be a flashback/inner thought of Hagrid’s. Or, they could be gathering establishing shots of it for PoA. In any event, I’ve done a little researching and found a picture of the type of castle abundant in such areas. If this isn’t what Azkaban will resemble…I don’t know what will.

Finding Hogwarts

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