From Gil Smart of Lancaster

Feb 10, 2002

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From Gil Smart of Lancaster Online: “After last week’s bit about how the Penryn Fire Police’s decision to boycott the YMCA triathlon on account of Harry Potter is making us look like a bunch of hillbillies, I got a lot of mail. Some of it, from witches. Yes, witches –or, more accurately, wiccans. A link to my piece was posted on some Harry Potter Web site, and some Harry Potter fans who happen to be witches frequent the site — and read my piece and responded.”

Pop princess Britney Spears and real-life royal Prince William are the two people children would most like to marry, a new poll showed today. The 19-year-old prince was named as ideal husband material by one in five girls aged under 10. Prince Harry also made the list, with 8% of young girls revealing they would marry him if they had the chance. Robbie Williams was third but was beaten to the second spot by the surprise entry of fictional wizard Harry Potter, voted for by one in five girls.

Finding Hogwarts

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