It was no magic when

Feb 02, 2002

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It was no magic when Melissa Leech made milk disappear from a rolled-up newspaper Wednesday afternoon, but it certainly appeared that way to her class of little witches and wizards. Allard Elementary School learning support teacher Leech, in the guise of Professor McGongall, deputy headmistress of Hogwarts School, showed her second-grade pupils that science can look like magic until you know the secrets.

World-renowned conductor James Barnes listened to the trumpet players at Santa Rosa High School on Friday before setting his baton down. “You know what that’s called?” the University of Kansas music professor said. “That’s called style. That’s what good playing is all about.” Barnes, whose works have been performed at the Kennedy Center and Carnegie Hall, led nearly 100 of Northern California’s finest student musicians Friday in a rehearsal of “Harry Potter’s Suite”, an original score written by the professor.

Finding Hogwarts

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