It’s exactly a year ago

Mar 01, 2002

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It’s exactly a year ago since we had our first glimpse of Harry Potter on the big screen. 1 March, last year, was the day that the first movie trailer was released. The second movie is due to come exactly a year after the first on 15 Nov, so when will we see a trailer for that?

Paul Hemstreet, Vice President Special Features/DVD for Warner Bros, took a few minutes to explain some of the extra features on the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone DVD coming out in May. This will be a massive 2 disc special edition with a huge list of extras, so Hemstreet explained what Potter fans can look forward to on DVD. (Thanks to MuggleNet for the link.)

The hugely popular Harry Potter books are “spiritual AIDS” for readers, diminishing their immune system against black magic and making them more open to evil, a priest backed by the Bulgarian Orthodox Church has said.

Finding Hogwarts

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