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Mar 24, 2002

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Erin Martin sends us this report from Durham and HP2:

Just thought I’d drop a note to tell you that I while I was at a conference in Durham, I stopped in at the cathedral. I noticed several lorries outside, and they were dismantling a big marquee that had been set up on the lawn in front of the cathedral (presumably a catering tent). I was the first person to get to the cathedral that morning, and when I went through to the cloisters, the lighting equipment was sitting happily covered and barricaded along one of the hallways. Two huge cameras were stationed on the roof and were also covered.

Deciding that nothing interesting was going on, I went back into the main bit of the cathedral to have a look around. I got back to the cloisters about an hour later, and two guys were taking down the cameras from the roof, and a big team of guys was removing the lighting equipment from the hallway. I left the building and went round the back, where five lorries (marked Lee’s Lighting) were getting loaded up with the equipment. The guys were also messing around with a big pile of what looked like thickly-cut tree branches (too thick for broom handles), but I can’t be sure what that was all about…

So, basically, it looks like they’ve finished shooting at Durham cathedral. All the filming stuff is gone now, although I couldn’t get any of the crew to tell me exactly what was going on. I even tried to bribe them to give me any interesting information, but no such luck!

Aw, they wouldn’t take bribes? Darn. :-)

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