Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s

Mar 25, 2002

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Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone failed to win any awards at this year’s Oscars. It was nominated for three awards: Best Music (Score), Costume Design and Art Direction. However, Daniel Radcliffe did appear in a pre-recorded film talking about his favourite film. He chose 12 Angry Men, which he described as “really inspirational”.

What are you wearing to the Oscars? It’s a question known to puzzle even those nominated for best costume design. “I haven’t a clue, but I can tell you this: It won’t have a train,” said Judianna Makovsky, who earned her first Academy Award nomination for Pleasantville in 1998. “This time around, I will be comfortable,” added Makovsky, nominated this year for creating the English-boarding-school-meets-dungeons-and-dragons look of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. [Unfortunately, Harry Potter lost the award to Moulin Rouge. – ed.]

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