Thanks Zsenya for tipping us

Mar 05, 2002

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Thanks Zsenya for tipping us to this excellent article from the Toronto Star on Harry Potter fan fiction, in which her site, The Sugar Quill makes an appearance:

Some fanfic sites are pickier about the material they post than others. For those who want to honour their heroes with style, there are numerous pages devoted to teaching the art of fanfic writing, such as Writers University ( Sugar Quill ( offers a free reading service, which acts as an editor for Harry Potter fans (incidentally, I have a piece posted there).

“The bulk of the stories (on the Web) were difficult to enjoy, often because of the spelling and punctuation errors of many young writers,” says Sugar Quill Web mistress Zsenya (a.k.a. Jennie Levine). “We therefore opted to start our own archive of what we considered to be the best HP (Harry Potter) fan fiction. At the same time, being amateur writers ourselves, we decided to offer assistance to other writers. Many of the HP stories are written by young teens, whose plots are promising, even if their grammar isn’t.”

Finding Hogwarts

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