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Mar 07, 2002

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A student at the University of Durham who wished to remain anonymous sent us this about the shooting currently underway there for Chamber of Secrets:

Firstly, as I think everyone knows, the shoot is occuring in Durham Cathedral (not the castle as the [Coming Soon!] article seemed to suggest – that is in fact a college of the University, I have friends who live there!) in the same areas used last time: The Chapter House for McGonagall’s Classroom, and the cloisters for general corridor scenes. The crew have blocked off three sides of the cloisters, one of which is being set up for the shoot with the Hogwarts pillars being wired in, another side for the entrance to the chapter house and the last side for crew operations. I was in the Cathedral this morning and the camera crews were beginning to set up, with equipment lined up in the green area in the centre of the cloister. They were also building the set for within McGonagall’s classroom – her black board, covered in magical diagrams, was standing outside the chapter house in the cloister corridor, ready to be moved in.

I spoke to a Cathedral worker on Tuesday when I first came across the set and he said they start filming in Durham on Monday. Next week is the last week of term for Durham students, and luckily I don’t have many lectures on, so I’m going to try and hang out around the set to see if I can get any more info!

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