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Apr 01, 2002

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HOT HOT HOT news! Thanks to AReaderWhoMustNotBeNamed for sending us the heads up!

We received the following excerpt of an article about to be published on the London Times’ Web site:

Bloomsbury Publishing is set to make a landmark announcement that the eagerly-awaited fifth installment of the blockbuster Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, will be on bookshelves by the end of May, 2002.

“We didn’t want to reveal that it was in editing,” explained Stuart Brentwood, an editor at Bloomsbury, when asked why the public had been given no previous notification that the book was complete, “because, quite frankly, we didn’t want schoolchildren beating down our doors. We’ll give a definite date at tomorrow’s press conference.”

Brentwood refused to answer questions about the content of the novel. “We’ve all read it, and it’s utterly fantastic,” he enthused. “Especially the part where Harry joins up with Volde-oops, I shouldn’t have said that.”

Stuart went on to stress that though the book is the most highly anticipated tome of the century, expectant readers shouldn’t get too excited. “Here in England, April Fool’s Day ends at noon,” he said. “But in America it goes all day long. It’s still going in some parts of the world. And I’d be wary of anything I heard today.”

So would I. So would I. Hope we got your pulse going just a bit! (and my apologies to the London Times. It had to be done. We’re sure you understand.)

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