Harry in School (All three

Apr 14, 2002

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Harry in School (All three of the following paragraphs are from the same article):

Elementary school principal Mike Davis made his singing debut Friday in front of an audience of more than 4,000 chanting students and educators at the Lloyd Noble Center…

Davis challenged his students to read 1,300 books by the end of February. If they did, they would get to have a food fight, with Davis in the middle. They read 2,000 books. So last month, the students took turns squirting, squeezing and smearing mustard, ketchup and mayonnaise all over him. Davis said it was one of several methods to get students interested in reading. His efforts did not go unnoticed; he was one of 11 administrators to receive this year’s Principals’ Challenge Awards…

The “Harry Potter” book series sparked the interest of Lookeba-Sickles second-grader Dalton Law. He said he likes to read now, and has started reading to his brother, Dakota. His new habit made him $25 richer Friday. Law was one of 25 students randomly selected for the Kids Caught Reading contest that involves educators calling students at home to see if they can “catch” students reading. (Thanks to TWW)

Finding Hogwarts

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