Eve Glasser was walking through

Apr 17, 2002

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Eve Glasser was walking through the new sports complex at Hofstra University when the idea swept into her mind like a wind-blown seed. … Others might have looked at the polished wooden floors and the retractable bleachers of the 90,000- square-foot arena and envisioned basketballs glancing off backboards and athletes in blue-and- gold uniforms shooting three- pointers and driving for lay-ups. They may have imagined bands and cheerleaders and hordes of fans holding signs and making waves in the stands. But not Eve Glasser. Instead, the 60-year-old perpetual motion machine who is director of the Hofstra Arboretum saw blooms and buds. She saw beds and borders. She saw gardens. … The largest garden is, in a sense, child’s play — the 58-foot-long, 40-foot-wide Harry Potter garden.

Finding Hogwarts

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