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Apr 03, 2002

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News from HPGalleries

JK Rowling’s former science teacher, who apparently was used as a model for the character of Severus Snape, wrote an article for HPGalleries, “On Being Snape-ish.”

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As we probably have to wait a little longer for Harry Potter Five, we started a project in the Library, that might help to ‘survive’ another few months of waiting for the book. Send us YOUR summary of Harry Potter Five! 3-4 paragraphs about what will happen, who will fall in love, who might die, what goes on in Hogwarts, in the Ministry of Magic, with Voldemort and the Death Eaters…

And finally – the second series of the HPGalleries Trading Cards “Famous Wizards and Witches” will be completed this weekend. On May 1st, we’ll start with a new series – Movie Cards – collectible portrait cards of all actors who got a part in one of the HP films. Enjoy!

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