Today’s leading-edge visual effects might

Apr 03, 2002

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Today’s leading-edge visual effects might not all blow your mind with spectacular explosions, lasers, spaceships and fantastic visions. But they will show you something you haven’t seen before – and make you believe it’s real. Matthew JC. Powell reports.

Twins juggle friends, school, sports and insulin shots: The twins are eighth-graders at Swartz Creek Middle School, where they get good grades and share many of the same friends and activities. Both swim, run track, play roller hockey, and are involved in drama. They love Harry Potter and Dragonball Z.

Faced with frustrated theater exhibitors complaining about a dearth of commercially-appealing product, giant screen pioneer IMAX Corp. is moving into the mainstream. It aims to slug it out with 35mm movies at the box office with an unprecedented array of IMAX films that lean more toward popular entertainment than its hallmark educationally-oriented films, few of which have caused many lines to form at the ticket booth.

Finding Hogwarts

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