Harry Potter may be all

Apr 08, 2002

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Harry Potter may be all the rage in Moscow’s movie theaters, but until last summer the young English wizard was virtually unknown in Russia. Mikhail Markotkin is the man responsible for bringing Potter to Russia. Chairman of ROSMAN, the largest children’s book publisher in the country, Markotkin is the publisher of the Harry Potter series in Russian. Introducing the young wizard to the local audience was not as easy as Markotkin’s Western counterparts may have anticipated, but he waged an active campaign to make Potter fashionable. And he is. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire — the fourth book in the series — is due to come out April 20 with a print run of 1 million. The man behind the Potter craze recently spoke to The Moscow Times. (Thanks to Rob for the link.)

Finding Hogwarts

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