From CBBC Newsround: “You’ve read

May 07, 2002

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From CBBC Newsround: “You’ve read Philosopher’s Stone a million times and you could recite the Goblet of Fire backwards, but it looks like you’ll have to wait till the autumn [autumn?? – ed.] to get your mitts on Potter five. So can you bear to wait that long for your next Potter instalment? Had you hoped it would be out over the summer? Or do you think it’s exciting waiting for the book? Tell us what you think now!”

A parent who protested the use of a Harry Potter book in his son’s Mitchell High classroom has decided not to pursue the issue. (Thanks to TWW for the link.)

Harry Potter enthusiasts are facing further disappointment after waiting two years to learn what happens in the schoolboy wizard’s fifth year at Hogwarts School. Publication of the next book in the series by JK Rowling looks set to slip further behind schedule and could even be delayed until next year.

Finding Hogwarts

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