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Jul 20, 2002

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Dark Mark is carrying this rumor from CountingDown:

I was just browsing through yesterday’s news on Counting Down when I found this article about book 5: Despite all the signs that the fifth Harry Potter book was set to arrive in the first quarter of 2003, it appears that fans may be looking at an August release. A trusted source who works for a library has revealed that their copies are set to arrive on August 18th.

There has been no confirmation from any publisher regarding this, however, so it could just be an outdated order – but let’s hope that it’s the real deal! We’ll keep you notified as more information surfaces – and be sure to let us know if you have any information about the release.

Interesting and miraculous as this would be – let’s face it guys, not gon’ happen.
Reason #1: It’s the end of July. Not a chance in you know where that they would not hype this book up for more than 3 weeks before its release.
Reason #2: A library knowing about the release of Book 5 before the rest of the world is just left of ridiculous – not the least because libraries get published books only after they’ve been on shelves a while, in most cases.
Reason #3: This could very well be a shipment of the paperback copies of Goblet of Fire, which hit stores on July 31.

So don’t everyone freak out. The publishers are probably more excited than anyone to get word of the release date out there – we won’t hear it first from a library. :-) Depressing, but true…

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