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Aug 14, 2002

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From the Globe and Mail comes this story of how the “Harry Potter” books are helping a family cope with the loss of a loved one:

Depression and death are central themes in Rowling’s Harry Potter books. Harry survives the murderous attack on his family, but bears his signature jagged scar on his forehead from his nearly fatal encounter and continues to grieve for his parents. Very early in the first book, Harry looks into a magic mirror and sees his dead parents. Later he learns this is a reflection of what he longs for most in life.

Despite all his magic spells and potions, Harry remains vulnerable to the Dementors, the black spirits that can suck all the hope and optimism out of people. The Dementors are Harry’s kryptonite. If they land a kiss on your lips, they can rob you of your soul, but leave your body functioning in a kind of spiritual death. The point is that children, just like the rest of us, can be victims of depression.

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