Thanks Nick, for this amusing

Aug 15, 2002

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Thanks Nick, for this amusing error from the summary of PoA on the back of the paperback CoS:

I just wanted to report a book error that I spotted while reading the Chamber of Secrets these past few days.

I do not own the third or fourth Harry Potter novels in paperback, but I do own the first two books in paperback as well as hardcover. I was reading my paperback version of CoS, and when I finished, I skimmed the summary of the Prisoner of Azkaban at the end of the book and found that it said “Harry needs to sneak back to Hogwarts after accidentally inflating his Aunt Petunia.” We all know that Harry inflates Aunt Marge, not Mrs. Dursley.

Well. Petunia could use a good inflation herself.

Finding Hogwarts

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