Hey guys: doing my part

Sep 02, 2002

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Hey guys: doing my part here to make sure this message gets out, as it concerns one of the largest HP fanfic archives on the Web. Please spread the word – this is from Zsenya, headmistress of The Sugar Quill:

The Sugar Quill is experiencing some technical difficulties. They were not hacked. The owner of their server cancelled without giving their administrator any advance notice. At the moment, the Sugar Quill is trying to decide the next course of action. They’re really sorry – Zsenya has everything backed up, and as soon as they can regroup, hopefully the archive at least will be back up in a few weeks. Temporary boards are up here.

If you are familiar with the SQ’s site and think you can offer technical help, contact me and I’ll see your correspondence through to Zsenya (as she is getting bombarded as is). Word is the site will definitely be back up, but it will be a while.

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