From CBS Marketwatch comes this

Sep 23, 2002

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From CBS Marketwatch comes this report: “Yes, investors were just wild about ‘Harry’ on Friday. But will their enthusiasm for good news about the lucrative ‘Harry Potter’ literary franchise carry over and give AOL Time Warner’s shares a bounce? An early indication might be ‘yes’ …”

The BBC has posted a Newsmakers profile on JK Rowling:

In a child’s world dominated by computer games and videos, the author has managed to appeal to both sexes and has raised the profile of children’s writing. What is more, kids find her books funny.

“Rowling’s comic timing is brilliant, perfect”, says Times literary critic Nicolette Jones. “Her books are beautifully paced and are a mixture of school magic and beyond. They’ll be bought by future generations of children, and adults too.”

Finding Hogwarts

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