More “HP in the Darndest

Sep 23, 2002

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More “HP in the Darndest Places,” from our readers:

From Sejal:

The news about Harry Potter appearing in The Sopranos reminded me of something. A while ago, I was watching the movie Winning London. Harry Potter also had a little cameo in that. It was during a scene where the twins (Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen) were dressed as boys and pretending to be the children of a rich lord. Another boy’s father asked them what their father’s name was. The twins panicked and responded “Lord…Lord…Lord Voldemort!”

And from David:

I read your piece about an episode of The Sopranos mentioning HP. I wanted to tell you about another show on T.V. last night that mentioned Harry Potter. It was Gilmore Girls on the WB network. The scene was in a training school for child beauty pageant contestants. The teacher wanted them to walk with great balance so she put an HP book on all their heads and said, “Walk straight kids. You have Harry Potter on your head and if you trip, Harry will die and there won’t be another book.” [Note from Melissa: What a horrible, horrible thing to say to a child! :)]

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