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Sep 09, 2002

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Hey guys, just a little note on our image-sharing policy. We are aware that we do not own the pictures we put up – they are Warner Bros.’ in entirety. But it’s a courtesy among all sites – and one we offer all the time – that when you take and use a picture, you mention and link back to the site from which you found it. I’ve noticed a lot of poaching (even of our bandwidth, which, as you all know, is tenuous as-is) lately on the Web. We do not care in the least if you take the pics we find off our site and use them on your own. But be kind, be courteous – give credit where credit is due. You know we’ll do the same for you. (I’m a poet and I don’t know it).

also – if you’re going to only link to the pics, link to the post, not to the pics themselves – otherwise just our bandwidth is getting zapped without regard to the very hard work we all put into this site, for free, every day. There is a little link at the bottom of each post so you can use a URL which will always be accurate – please use it!

Thank you for your attention. Now back to our regularly scheduled news.

Finding Hogwarts

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