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Jan 14, 2003

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Thanks Lia, for pointing us to this article in the Observer-Eccentric about a young Michigan teen who has just had her first book published, and got her start in the HP fanfic world. Aimée Carter – congratulations, and please contact us if you can – we’d love to interview your talented self. :)

Edit: Carter’s book, Phoenix Ashes, is available on Amazon.com, which lists her info:

Book Description: Zachary Lucas is orphaned shortly after his first birthday, and during the first six years of his life he knows nothing but loss and disappointment. He is forced to live with his rich uncle’s family, who he feels treat him like an intruder. [TLC: Sound like anyone we know? :-)]

His only friend is a man who comes to him in his dreams. That all changes on Zac’s first day of school, when he meets Elizabeth McCain, a small girl who will eventually become his best friend and confidante. During the next eight years Zac and Elizabeth enjoy and endure the pleasures and pains of growing up, until on one fateful afternoon, a single misguided choice changes Zac’s life forever.

About the Author: Born in Detroit, Michigan, on January 24, 1986, Aimee Carter still lives with her father, Richard, and twin brothers, Adam and Aaron. Besides reading and writing, she enjoys playing the guitar, piano, and drums, and holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Phoenix Ashes was conceived as a trilogy.

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