Timothy WHO as Lupin?

Jan 14, 2003

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Timothy Spall as Remus Lupin?
To add to the ever-growning rumor list of PoA casting, Moriarty from AICN announces that a “very reliable source” has told him the part of Prof. Remus “Moony” Lupin has been cast as Timothy Spall from movies such as Vanilla Sky and the now-playing Nicholas Nickelby. Frankly with about 5-6 actors rumored to be up for Dumbledore and Gary Oldman sitting unconfirmed from WB as Sirius Black – treat this as yet more rumor. From this editor’s perspective, why would WB cast a relative unknown in one of the key supporting roles for PoA when the less prominent roles are cast with actors that are more high profile?

Not to mention the fact that he looks NOTHING like Lupin – however as Wormtail? Hmmmmm.

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