Gary Oldman (again)

Jan 07, 2003

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We’ve received several suspicious “he’s doing it” emails, and now Ain’t It Cool has picked up on the “next 2 movies” rumour. Harry from AICN says its between Sirius and Voldemort, but as Voldemort does not appear in the third book, he would be a flashback character in PoA (and going with Cuaron’s more imaginative style, we just may see what Harry [the character, not AICNer] sees when Dementors get close). Anyway, still a rumour, but things are getting heated. Stay tuned.

A reader has also sent in the projection that Ian Brown has been tapped for Stan Shunpike, a character that totally escaped me upon hearing the rumour (and I call myself a fan! puh!) – apparently the accent fits. We’ll see!

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