Spending Rowlings Money

May 12, 2003

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The Pakistan Daily Times has an interesting editorial from columnist Kaleem Omar.

The question is, what does Rowling plan to do with all the money? She’s already given up her small unheated flat in a midlands city and bought a huge manor house in the country, where she is living in baronial splendour, surrounded by Louis XIV furniture, Serves china, Waterford crystal and other trinkets. She’s also acquired the services of a battalion of English nannies to look after her small daughter, who is now likely to grow up believing that if people don’t have bread to eat, they should eat Beluga caviar.

Editor’s Note: I apologize for not contextualizing this piece earlier but I was under the mistaken impression that everyone would have the same reaction of this being one of the most poorly written, horribly researched and factually incorrect editorials they’ve ever read. I acknowledge that it should have been MY responsibility to point out that the reason I posted this was to show just how bad “journalists” can be. This is getting increasingly evident in some of the above articles and will continue to degrade the closer we get to Book 5 publishing time and after OotP is released. Accept my apologies.

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