Book V Revelation?


May 24, 2003

Posted by: Melissa Anelli | Comments


Thanks to the Winky Webmistress from French Harry Potter site Potter World Online, we’ve discovered an interesting snippet about Book V on site of French publisher Gallimard. Highlight to read:

The site seems to allege that J.K. Rowling may have told the publishers something: Harry may find love. Here’s a rough translation from Babelfish. Anyone else care to contextualize this a bit better?

Given on the 15th of January, 2003 to the publishing house of Bloomsbury, Volume V will appear in English on June 21st. A little thicker than the preceding work, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix should be approximately a third longer, 768 pages and 38 chapters, which is 255 000 words compared to the 191 000 of Book IV. The French version will exceed 800 pages, according to the approximate calculations of the translator Jean-François Ménard. According to a confidence of the author, our young wizard will experience his first love story…

So what does that mean? Does he find out how his parents met and fell in love? Or is this his first, I daresay, relationship of sorts. Or is this the result of the French publisher misinterpreting one of J.K.’s many statements throughout the past 3 years. Discuss.

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