Joss Whedon a HP Fan

May 28, 2003

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Thanks so much Rachel, for sending us this blurb from SPIN magazine, which has one of my favorite creative people ever talking about one of my favorite creative people ever:

JOSS WHEDON (Buffy creator; science fiction and fantasy
I think the Harry Potter books are the finest of the century! JK Rowling is one of the two or three best storytellers in young-adult fiction, with CS Lewis and Roald Dahl. Her characters are archetypes without being cutouts – we’ve definitely known these guys, and at the same time, they’re bigger than life. I’d like to see Harry kick it out a little, push against authority, including Dumbledore. But it’s great that Harry actually gets older as the books go on. In the last one, they had kids making out for the first time – by Book Seven they’ll be like, ‘Take that wand and shove it up your…..'”

And people doubt his genius. Silly people. :-)

Finding Hogwarts

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