Scholastic Announces Contest Winners


Jun 11, 2003

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The winners are in and 10 lucky teens will be travelling to England to hear J.K. Rowling live at the Royal Albert Hall.

  • David Dawson, 14, St. Petersburg, Fla. – To acquire the power of mending a broken heart due to his mother’s passing.
  • Daniel Boyce, 8, Camarillo, Calif. – To cure autism, which his sister has.
  • Angela Wyse, 14, Tecumseh, Mich. – To learn Memory Charms to avoid embarrasing situations.
  • Brittany Hawkrigg, 16, Bohemia, N.Y. – To learn healing to help those who need it, including her father.
  • Nancy Chen, 14, Tulsa – To use the Rictusempra and Tarantallegra Spells to help the world take themselves less>
  • Thomas Pardee, 15, Modesto, Calif. – The summoning charm for laziness.
  • Marty Cain, 12, Marlboro, Vt. – EVOLOUTIO REPARO (Repair Reading) to let his older brother read.
  • Emily Grayson, 8, Brownsburg, Ind. – To make the polyjuice potion to learn about what it’s like to literally walk in someone else’s shoes.
  • Louisa George, 11, Rexburg, Idaho – To find the true magic within herself.
  • Sudipta Bandyopadhyay, 16, Somerset, N.J. – To cure a dying heart.

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