A View of Nimbus

Jul 24, 2003

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Colette Bancroft of the St. Petersburg Times spoke to Nimbus 2003 attendees and organizers (including TLC editor Heidi Tandy), and offered her take on the recent event:
Literary conferences tend to be a long way from wild. For one thing, hardly anyone dresses up in costumes for them. For another, they don’t often feature panel discussions of fiction written by fans in which the books’ young characters grow up and have really busy sex lives. Nor do they usually feature Quidditch matches.

But this is Nimbus 2003, where the official T-shirt bears the slogan, “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.”

Editor’s Note: You have to appreciate a newspaper that goes to the trouble to create their own fan art for an article.

Finding Hogwarts

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