Nimbus 2003 in Pictures

Jul 24, 2003

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In lieu of another wordy report, here’s my experience of Nimbus in pictures. Still worth mentioning: The “Wizarding World: Past, Present and Future” panel in which Steve Vander Ark presented the only interesting History of Magic lesson ever, the Double Double Feature (both movies, back to back, twice. It was a long night for some), and the grand, jovial atmosphere. Well, here they are:

Heidi, Melissa and Steve Lexicon Vander Ark

The Vendors: Books

The Vendors: Robes

The Vendors: HP

The Vendors: Jewelry

The “Canon, Interpretation and the Alternate Universe” panel: Steve Vander Ark, Debra Duncan and Barbara Purdom. (Peg Kerr is hiding somewhere.)

The entire canon panel (Peg Kerr on the far right).

The audience for the canon panel, waving hi to Leaky!

The “Publishing on Potter” panel

The Ship Debate (must have equal pictures for each side, bear with me):
The crowd
The H/Hers and their marked-up canon – with Penny Linsenmayer sneaking around the back
The R/Hers and their marked-up canon
Susan Faust presents for R/H
Linda McCabe presents for H/H
Emily Bytheway for R/H
Sara Goetz for H/H
The shippers…hugging?! Now that’s a TLC exclusive.

Steve Vander Ark presents at the “The Wizarding World: Past, Present and Future” panel

I ran into a random art party in the hall!

A pic of Lupin and Sirius shown to me during the random art party

And one of Ron getting his P-badge

Nimbus organizer Ebony Thomas (who had been up for, oh, six out of the past seven days at this point)

An impromptu hallway discussion group

Another impromptu hallway discussion group

A game of “Fandom Squares”

Ebony speaks at the “Past, Present, Future” panel

The crowd (mostly in pyjamas) at the Double Double Feature

See here for more, and here for a lot of related material.

I had a fantastic time at Nimbus, and am anxiously awaiting Nimbus 2005, wherever it may be!

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