JKR Parodied


Sep 17, 2003

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JKR was parodied on last night’s season premiere of Crank Yankers (a Comedy Central program in which crank calls are re-enacted by puppets). In the episode, a humorous crank call was placed to a librarian by “Lady JK’s assistant”, who wanted to book an appearance for JKR. The “assistant” butchered the pronunciation of Rowling and said things like (I’m paraphrasing): “Lady JK hates children, so you’ll have to make sure the children stay away from her. Make sure you give her a water pistol full of fruit punch, so that she can spray the children if they get too close.” At the end of the sketch, the hassled librarian hung up on the “assistant”, and puppet-JKR vainly attempted to fly out the window on a broomstick.

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