PoA Shortest of Three Movies?


Jan 21, 2004

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CTV.ca reports that PoA is under 2.5 hours, the shortest of the three HP movies so far:

Harry Potter fans who want to see every detail from the books translated into the screen versions might be uneasy over the projected length of Prisoner of Azkaban: less than 2½ hours, the shortest of the series so far.
This time, Rowling’s story lent itself to a tighter script than the first two movies, said director Alfonso Cuaron, whose previous movie was the racy hit Y Tu Mama Tambien.

That interview was taken from a longer Associated Press story, which also included this quote:

I’m sure that somebody is going to miss something very specific that was ingrained in his or her mind when they read the book. But I think fans are going to love the movie,”Cuaron said.

Thanks Amy!

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