Nick Takes Over the Super Bowl Transcript


Feb 01, 2004

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Candice: Now let’s go over to England to see what they think of the Superbowl–
Brent: I need a timeout here Candice. In England, when they say ‘Football’, they’re really talking about ‘Soccer’. These guys won’t even know what we’re talking about.

Candice: You’re right. Let’s take it easy on ’em. Emma, Rupert…are you there?

Emma, Rupert: Hi Brent, Candice.

Candice : So are you guys big football fans?

Emma: Oh yea, we love it!

Brent: Ok, so let’s start with the basics. How many goals will Carolina score tonight?

Emma: Goals? Don’t you mean touchdowns?

Brent: Haha, yea touchdowns…right.

Emma: Well, it’s tough to say. Both teams are decicive powerhouses so I think it’s imperative that there are no mistakes made on either side.

Brent: Ha, lucky guess. She’s got that British accent so she think she knows what she’s talking about. Watch this: Hey Rupert…tell me… (Starts
talking really fast to trick him) can the Patriots offense get anything done against the disguise blitz game of the Panthers?

Rupert: Hmmm…good question Brent. I feel that if the running backs can pick up the Blitz, and if they linemen can stay in their lanes, they may make their blocks. Yea it’s simple stuff really.

Brent: Right…of course…Haha…Candice a little help here?

Candice: Yea, so what role do you think slime will play in the game?

Emma: Haha…I don’t understand.

Candice: You know…slime…it’s a fundamental aspect of football.

Emma: I have to say I don’t think it will play a role at all.

Candice: Oh really? (Presses button and Emma & Rupert get slimed). Nice.

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