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Feb 17, 2004

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We now have a description of the new POA trailer that just aired on the BBC. Included are scenes of Harry attacking Draco while under his invisibility cloak, Dumbledore looking at the shredded Fat lady portrait, Harry yelling ‘Expecto Patronum’, and Draco sliding down a hill wearing a furry hat.
TLC reader Phil sent in a detailed description – click below to read.

Thanks very much Phil, David, and Lord Fishcake!

  • Quick view of the school choir
  • Dumbledore waving hand and lighting candle
  • Knight bus hurtling through streets
  • Harry looking worried in Magnolia Crescent (probably just seen large dog) (New)
  • Malfoy blowing paper swan
  • View through archway
  • Ron and Hermione outside of Shrieking Shack
  • Dumbledore looking worried (I think its a view through the shredded portrait of the Fat Lady) (New)
  • New view of trio heading towards Hagrids hut.
  • Lupin jumping in front of Harry before he can confornt the Boggart in the DADA class (New)
  • Boggart Snape coming from wardrobe
  • The trio on the Hogwarts stairway (looking worried….again) (New)
  • Boggart Snape getting Nevilles Grandmothers clothes
  • Trio behind the pumpkins
  • Close up of Harry (new)
  • Sirius in cell
  • Snape protecting trio
  • Trio descending steps from Hogarts
  • Harry and Hermione hiding behind a tree (New)
  • Wanted poster
  • Harry talking to Mr Weasly in Leaky Cauldron
  • Malfoy sliding along on his backside outside the Shrieking Shack (new)
  • Harry lighting wand under bedclothes (If this is at the Dursleys isnt he breaking the law on Restriction of under age wizardry?)
  • Aunt Marge taking flying lessons
  • Hagrid stopping Buckbeak
  • Harry and Hermione running towards some stones
  • Ron and Hermione standing in the snow (Hermione has hand raised for some reason) (New)
  • Invisible Harry swinging Malfoy on end of scarf outside of Shrieking Shack ( New)
  • Zoom in of Harry in forest looking anxious (new)
  • Panning shot of DADA class they are avoiding a yelow blob (new)
  • Sirius being restrained in prison (new)
  • Harry producing his patronus (all you see is light from patronus illuminating him (new)
  • Carriage door on train opening and dementors hand
  • Harry Potter title screen

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