“Harry Potter Therapy” Urged for Kids


Feb 06, 2004

Posted by: Melissa Anelli | Comments


A psychologist from Edmonton, Canada, says that young students who are “angry, depressed or over-anxious about tests, sports championships or life in school hallways could use a little bit of Harry Potter therapy by envisioning an imaginary Hermione, Dumbledore or Hagrid coaxing them on.”

“Harry Potter is all about bravery and courage and wisdom,” said Neil Mulholland, who works with kids who have extreme behavioural or anxiety issues. “This is a way for kids to imagine themselves as brave and courageous.”

When children replace their negative self-thoughts — failing tests, experiencing stage fright or going blank during a class presentation — with positive encouragement from imaginary friends flying over them on Quidditch sticks or sitting beside them as if they were both at Hogwarts school, the students begin to gain confidence in themselves, he said.

Finding Hogwarts

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