PoA Legos Back Online

Feb 06, 2004

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French HP site La Gazette du Sorcierhas obtained pics of the PoA Lego set (which were posted at one time and then taken off the web somehow). The pics include Azkaban, the Shrieking Shack, Buckbeak, Harry with the Marauder’s Map, and more! The pics are posted below just in case the site, which is already a little sluggish, becomes overloaded.

Sirius walks out of Azkaban
Hagrid’s Hut (and Hermione)
Hogwarts Express (1)
Hogwarts Express (2)
Hogwarts – clock tower and entrance gates
Knight Bus
Lupin’s class (1)
Lupin’s class (2)
Using the Marauder’s Map – featuring Snape
Marauder’s Map (2) – again featuring Snape
Shrieking Shack
Sirius, and Buckbeak flying

Thanks to TLC reader Hugo for the tip!

Finding Hogwarts

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