Possible New POA Commercial Description


Mar 18, 2004

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We’ve just received a description of what may be part of a new POA commercial. A Leaky reader took part in a test market panel and sent us these details of new scenes. They include ones of Harry flying on Buckbeak,the Patronus lessons,and notably Hermione punching Malfoy then saying “that felt good”. Read more of the details below.
Thanks Lynne!
It showed Snape telling the class to turn to page 300 something (possibly this is from where Snape is substituting for Lupin in the DADA class when he is “ill”.) It also showed Harry on Buckbeak-flying! The clip wasn’t long enough to determine if Hermione was on Buckbeak too. It also has a clip where Harry is saying he’ll be “ready” for him, meaning Sirius if I am not mistaken.Then there was the clip of Harry and his boggart dementor when Lupin is giving him Patronus lessons. It also showed Hermione PUNCHING Malfoy in the jaw or mouth and then saying “that felt good”. This was a :30 second commercial, and all the special effects were not yet complete.

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