April 1

Apr 01, 2004

Posted by Melissa Anelli

Ol’ Tom ‘ere. I suppose you Muggles aren’t so bad. Might as well let these editors carry on…jus’ turn my head, that’s all. What the Ministry don’t know won’t hurt ‘em, and you Muggles are harder to clear out than a stack o’ spining billywigs, so I’m taking me an extended holiday. Have a round of Butterbeer on the house and mind the pub while I’m gone – there’s a good’un.

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First!!! lol

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Hahaha, second. 4 years after the fact, too. ;)

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The pub is open again? Anyone up for a game of darts?

orders a gillywater with a twist and takes a seat by the fireplace

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from under a bar stool, to the gnome by the fireplace

Shhhh! I don’t think we’re sposed to be here… darts might make too much noise.


Though I’m not sure how much longer I can hang out on this floor. When was the last time you cleaned in here Tom?

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Wow, I’m feeling nostalgic.

Orders a butterbeer


Tom, when was the last time you cleaned here.

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- taps cassie on the leg -

Psst – can you get me a butterbeer? And choose another stool, your robes make it hard to see what’s going on!

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Have you still got the comments lying around somewhere, Leaky? If I recall correctly, Jim had a good time on those. Didn’t he end up with a parrot? Arrrr.

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Yarharharrr! throws back a bottle of Firewhisky and flops over, unconscious

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grabs the darts which happen to be lying under a pink blanket

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door opens and a pair of pink bunny slippers walk to the back corner and settle behind an empty table

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