Join Us at the NYC IMAX for PoA on June 5!

Apr 27, 2004

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As the release date for Prisoner of Azkaban approaches, Harry Potter fans all over the world are making plans to get together to see the film.
And since there’s a huge number of Harry Potter fans in and around the New York area (including TLC’s Melissa Anelli and, for that weekend at least, Heidi Tandy) we thought it would be fun to have a massive film-going event in the afternoon on June 5 (the day after the US release) at the LOEWS IMAX on the Upper West Side in Manhattan.

The theater’s group sales office has given us a chance to purchase tickets as a block, so we can all sit together and watch the film on the larger-than-life IMAX screen, and then we can all adjourn together to for nibbles and post-film analysis somewhere in the neighborhood (location to be announced – we’re talking with a Columbus Circle bookstore right now).

If you’re paying via PayPal – Tickets are still $10.00 for those who are college students or younger, but tickets for adults are now $13.00. The popcorn/soda combination is still $2.50. All prices include paypal/processing fees

If you’re paying via check or money order – Tickets are 9.50 for a kid/college student ticket, 12.50 for an adult ticket, 2.25 for popcorn+soda. These prices include a processing fee of fifty cents per ticket.

There are more details below!
At this point, we don’t have an exact start-time for the film, but the theater tells us it’ll start between three p.m. and four-thirty p.m., with the afterparty running from approximately seven-thirty until nine o’clock. You can get directions to the theater using Mapquest.

Edited to add: the tickets (and the popcorn and soda!) will be distributed at the theater in the ninety minutes before showtime. Closer to the date, we’ll post here and at POA_NYC with more details about exactly where tickets will be handed out, what the distributors will be wearing, and what time we’ll start the distribution.

Everyone is welcome, but we ask that kids under fifteen attend with a parent or guardian.

We have to buy the tickets ahead of time to get the seats blocked, and to get the discount, so we’re taking orders here until May 30, or until the theater is sold out. We’ve already sold over 250 tickets, and the theater only holds 600, so if you want to be sure you’ll have a seat, order your tickets sooner than later.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here or at the PoA_NYC LiveJournal – you don’t have to be a registgered LiveJournal user to post there! Edited to add:If you’re sending a check or money order, please email us at POAIMAX @ with your name and the number of tickets that you’re reserving.

You can also email us at [email protected] with questions.

Thanks and we hope to see you there!

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