New POA TV Commercial


Apr 28, 2004

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There is a new TV commercial that has aired on Nick and Cartoon Network. This commercial, which you can read a description of below, contains two new images. Thanks Kagami and Moony!
Closeup of Harry on Buckbeak
Harry-Patronus Lessons
New POA TV spot includes
* Opening cloudy WB POA Logo
* Snape closing windows in DADA Classroom scene
* Harry Hermione and Draco
* Frightened Harry on the Knight Bus
* Ron and Hermione “Hand-Holding”
* New close up of Harry riding Buckbeak
* New scene of Harry praticing his Patronus
against the Boggart Dementor, which you can
clearly see coming out of the trunk
* End Logo with June 4th

Finding Hogwarts

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