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May 15, 2004

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SMH.com.au has an article on Prisoner of Azkaban, which is the same article that ran in the New York Times, but features two pictures. Quote:
Cuaron encouraged the young people to bring the confusions and raging hormones of early teenhood to their work on the set. “I said yeah, bring that into your role, into your character,” he says. “There was also a lot of bees and pollen in the air. You would see the boys and the girls giggling and here and there you would hear some comments that would make you blush. And you say, ‘Oh my God, I’m in a PG movie, but that was really triple-X’.”

The Age carries a similiar article, but each article has a different, new photograph of Harry.

Thanks to DanRadcliffe.com for the links!

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