Hogwarts Gallery: OPEN!

May 16, 2004

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We are very proud to, at long last, announce the opening of The Hogwarts Galleries, the final portion of our now-complete Floo Network!. Milly, our Galleries editor, has been slaving for months to present a still-growing database that contains over 3,000 pictures. This will be where all the TLC pictures go to rest, though it will be updated continually as its own site. The site uses a PHP software system thingie-or-other that I have no business describing, as I couldn’t work it even with the help of a PHP-for-Dummies book and personal guide. The banners were designed by John Noe, the designer responsible for Leaky’s recently snazzied-up look.
We at TLC want to thank Milly for her gargantuan effort, and are thrilled that this service is open to you at last (ah, we know some of you thought it’d never happen…go on, admit it…).

Very special thanks also go to Winky at PotteworldOnline. Winky took the time to walk Milly through the PHP software, and has our eternal gratitude for being such an instrumental part of the process.

For the first exclusive content from the Galleries, see the post below!

Finding Hogwarts

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