Jamie Waylett’s Answers: Part I! (And video.)

May 19, 2004

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Jamie Waylett is busy answering more than 200 questions you all submitted for him, but has sent us the first batch of answers. The questions are grouped according to simliarity so don’t worry if your question isn’t there – Jamie will answer it. Here’s a quote, regarding the differences between Cuaron and Columbus:

“Chris and Alfonso are both very good directors and both very nice people, I cant understand why people “must have a go” at Chris or Alfonso.
Chris directed the first two films and they were great(box office hits, so people must have liked them), he started the story, introduced the characters and Alfonso carried on the story. Where is the problem???”

Also, back in November, Megan and I made a short little vid recapping Jamie’s visit here and the various impressions of people he did. (On his next visit he started doing impressions of Megan and me. Yeah, we’re not posting that.) Now, thanks to Streamload, we can post it at last! Check it out:

Jamie in New York, 3.7 MBs, Windows Media Player.
Remember to right click and save as.

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