Scans of HP Trading Cards


May 04, 2004

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Din, who runs the web site, scanned some of the new HP trading cards – which contain many new pictures and many book and movie spoilers. Each card has a full picture on a front, and a smaller picture and explanations (including movie quotes and plot details) on the back. Enjoy – and thanks Din for doing all that work!
It also seems they were bought at Hot Topic, and that the pack contains a lot more that have not yet been scanned. Takers?

Neville faces the boggart
Ron faces the boggart
McGonagall, Madam Rosmerta and Fudge in the Three Broomsticks
Hermione and Ron peer into the Three Broomsticks
Ron, Hermione, Crabbe and Malfoy (and an invisible Harry)
Crabbe and Malfoy faced with an invisible Harry
Harry asks McGonagall if he can go to Hogsmeade
Harry watches his friends leave
Dumbledore (front)
Dumbledore (back)
The Trio arrive at Hagrid’s Hut
Hermione in the hut
Hagrid (front)
Hagrid (back)
Harry (front)
Harry (back)
Ron and Hermione (and their pets) greet Harry at The Leaky Cauldron
Harry meets his friends at The Leaky Cauldron
Malfoy (front)
Malfoy (back)
Ron, Hermione and Harry at the Great Hall table
Malfoy shows his “injured” arm to Pansy Parkinson
Neville (front)
Neville (back)
Pettigrew (front)
Pettigrew (back)
Sirius posters in Hogsmeade
Posters again (with a view of Ron and Hermione walking beside them
Ron (front)
Ron (back)
Ron and Hermione in the snow by the Shrieking Shack
Crabbe and Malfoy by the Shrieking Shack
Lupin, Black and Pettigrew…at a very crucial (and spoilery) moment
Snape shields the Trio
The Trio and a dementor
Hermione searches for Harry (who’s under the cloak)
Harry and Hermione chat

Finding Hogwarts

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