Another Alfonso Cuaron Interview


May 08, 2004

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Uncategorized has a interview with POA director Alfonso Cuaron. On the subject of the script and film, Mr. Cuaron says:
To keep “Azkaban” moving, Cuaron worked closely with the screenwriter, Steve Kloves, and his longtime editor, Steven Weisberg. “We made a decision early on: let’s be precise about the theme of this film, and we are going in that direction. Whatever sticks stays and whatever doesn’t doesn’t,” Cuaron said.

It comes back to feelings, he added. “As wizardly as the wizards in ‘Harry Potter’ are, their emotions are very muggle,” Cuaron said, using Rowling’s word for nonwizards. “The strength of the book is not the magic itself, though the magic is great, but the strength of the human emotions.”

Finding Hogwarts

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