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Jun 02, 2004

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TLC reader Ashley writes in to tell us that US TVGuide channel is running a PoA feature on their “Up Close” segment. New interviews, along with a new clip from The Three Broomsticks are shown. Click below to read all the details. Thanks Ashley!
The first half included short snippets of interviews from Dan, Emma, and Rupert speaking about the new casual clothes as opposed to the old wardrobes worn in the first two films. Emma said something along the lines of, “Jeans! Jeans! I’m in jeans!…No more itchy jumpers…” It also includes:
* A new scene concerning the Marauder’s map with a confrontation between Harry and Snape. Snape catches Harry in the hall with the map and asks what it is. “Just a piece of old parchment.” Snape then points at the paper with his wand and says something like “Reveal your secrets” and proceeds to make Harry read aloud the words on the page. This is the classic scene where Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs insult Severus through the map. The clip cuts off shortly after Harry begins reading and doesn’t get much past the very beginning.
* An exclusive “never-before-seen” clip of the trio in Hogsmede, with a bit of Harry walking through the snow in the invisibility cloak. There is also part about Mme. Rosmerta speaking with Hagrid and Fudge about the dementors and Sirius Black being in Hogsmede. After Harry walks off somewhere, Ron and Hermione open a door to enter a shop (the three broomsticks?) and are met by about four shrunken heads telling them to “close the damn door!”
* A longer part of the punching scene, in which Malfoy runs off with his cronies.
* More interviews with the trio about being recognized, how their lives have changed, and how the third film is more grown-up and emotional. Dan said (about being a teenager), “Harry’s majorly screwed up.” Rupert, commenting on the evolving relationships, “There’s a few akward moments…hand-holding stuff.”

* Alan Rickman, Robbie Coltrane, Maggie Smith commenting about the three kids.
* Interview with Dan from the US premiere.
* A scene from the Dursley’s and another Knight Bus snippet.
* More short pieces about Gary Oldman and Emma Thompson (including a very short, but possibly new part from Transfiguration class)
* The older scenes from the train and dementor training.
* A bit of Behind the Scenes stuff where Dan gives a thumbs-up to the camera, and the trio filming in the forest with Dan yelling, “Expelliarmus!”

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