Clinton vs. Potter Continues


Jun 24, 2004

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The Clinton-Potter comparisons continue in the media, with today’s cartoon on and MSN’s MSNBC’s comparison of the two tales:

As he tells it, the rite-of-passage fable is similar: A gifted foundling, possessed of magical but unruly powers, is pursued by an evil force he cannot escape because it is within him, and teams up with a smarty-pants young woman who insists on running with the boys. Harry has the piggish, cruel Dursleys to deal with; Clinton, an alcoholic stepfather. Harry’s powers are at war within him; Clinton writes of his inner “parallel lives,” and how “dark it was down there” in the secret one. Harry is haunted by Voldemort, who tries to kill him but instead empowers him while in Clinton’s tale, the Evil One is Ken Starr and his “vast right-wing conspiracy,” inhabiting the host of the courts and the FBI, who try to impeach him but instead make him a hero-victim for the ages.

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